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Monopoly Money Wars Monopoly Money Wars

Rated 3 / 5 stars

An alright effort, but lacking in variety and challenge. Now, I don't have someone to play a 2-player game with, but single player was easy. My little Howie Mandel look-a-like reached 100,000,000 before the Tanned Howie Mandel look-a-like could even get half way. And the levels were overall pretty bland an uninteresting. Despite all the differently named levels, they all looked the same, the only difference being whatever sparse decoration was in the background, which I wasn't paying much attention to anyway since I was busy playing the game.

Also I found the name to be a little misleading. I was expecting something related to Monopoly, but what I got was a very simple grab-the-coins platform game that tries to look like a board game, but really... isn't.

It's not a terrible game, mind you! It just needs variety, challenge, and perhaps a motive for collecting the coins besides "Do it before the other guy does."

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Tuper Tario Tros. Tuper Tario Tros.

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great concept!

This is a pretty cool idea, although I think it requires work. As it currently stands, its kinda awkward switching between one game and the other, and its a little bit difficult in the wrong way. I would suggest adding a cooperative element where one person is playing as Mario while the other is playing the Tetris component, with really any goal in mind (whether it be to help or hinder the Mario player). Still, its a really cool idea, all I'm saying is it needs work.

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Learn to Fly ! Learn to Fly !

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fun game!

Very fun, with a good challenge. Not to mention a great sense of speed.

While the ending was a fun little anticlimax, I kinda expecting the penguin would return home and edit that 'kiwipedia' page to say penguins CAN fly, only to find it says 'citation needed'.

Very minor and has no bearing on the game though. Good job!

Orbital Orbital

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good, but could use improvement.

This is a very simple game, I like that, though there's really one problem with your game: You use a level system.

The flaw behind that is there's only a specific number of orbs within the current level, and as you get further into said level, it becomes increasingly easier to navigate, since you're eliminating all of your obstacles as you go.

A solution to this would be to not have a level system, but rather just one playing field, with the orbs moving or appearing on the field as time goes on. Of course orbs will have to disappear after a certain time frame since it would eventually become quite literally impossible. But think that as time goes on and your points grow, your color will evolve and more orbs will appear on the field for you to collect and avoid. You could go in a looping order of colors.

Sorry if this was unnecessarily long winded, I'm not used to reviewing submissions at past three o'clock in the morning... But anyway, like I said, your game is good but it could use improvement.

MaxManning responds:

Thanks for the suggestions, I understand what you are saying.

I have come up with a number of ways to keep levels challenging in the new version.

Glad you took the time to check it out.

Hummer Rally Championship Hummer Rally Championship

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Wow... but why hummers?

Holy crap this game was a lot better than I thought it would be. I only have one problem though.

Why hummers? I don't like hummers. Yeah this looks like its supposed to advetise hummer, but still.

You do know that Hummers are mainly purchased for penis compensation, right? Any guy who owns a hummer has a small penis, so they have a big, expensive, 'manly' urban assault vehicle to make up for it. Women who have Hummers have them to compensate for the lack of size in their boyfriend's/husband's penis.

So this is a game that glofiries the compensation of small penises.
But otherwise, it IS a good game. Just make the next version with different, non-Hummer cars.

Soap Bubble II Soap Bubble II

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Well built

I really liked this game. It was very challenging. Sometimes it was challenging to the brink of frustrating, such as the very last level involving water and the intake fan, but it was a great game overall. Awesome graphics, great style, and a fun concept.

I look forward to seeing more games like this one. Good job!